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Hebrews | Week 4

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

The author begins chapter 7 by referencing a priest-king figure named Melchizedek mentioned in Old Testament passages (Ge 14:18-20, Ps 110:4). This obscure figure may be unfamiliar to us, but it was very well known amongst Jewish Christians. The author has argued for Jesus' supremacy compared to key elements of Jewish tradition: Moses, the Sabbath, the law, and angels. His final demonstration of Jesus' supremacy is compared to this priest, who ultimately foreshadowed Jesus' high priesthood and divine sonship. The main point throughout the following chapters is outlining Jesus as the great high priest, who mediates the new covenant, offers a sacrifice that fulfills and sustains all eternity, and the extraordinary power of forgiveness.

  1. Read Psalm 110. The author quotes this verse in Hebrews 7:21. What is the author's purpose in including this verse in light of his argument that Jesus is the great high priest?

  2. Consider the role of prophecy through the inclusion of these Old Testament passages throughout Hebrews. Do you think the previous authors knew how these verses would be used by New Testament authors? Did they understand the depth of their words and utterances? Sit with the thought of how crucial Old Testament passages were to affirm Jesus' supremacy and it's implications for the church today.

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