Sports Dad

My life has many pieces to it. Lately, being a sports dad has been the main one. Giving rides. To practice. To lessons. To games and tournaments. In state, out of state. Morning and night. Being a sports dad is actually about being a dad. Prioritizing time with kids over other things. You can make money later. But you can never get your kids youth back. And there is no better, fertile, important time to instill and invest in a person's confidence, resilience, habits and "norms" than when they are young.

So this is highly, highly spiritual for me. That my priorities are to raise my kids with love. To kids, love is spelled T-I-M-E.

So, Holy Spirit, help me to be a good sports dad. To not make my journey, their journey. To not put my ambition in their way. To let them be who God has called them to be. Not just later but now. As a kid. Enjoying life. Learning about dedication and teamwork, humility and hard work. To love others as much as they love themselves. To bounce back and to move forward. To be a witness.

So, Jesus, help me be what you have called me to be so that my kids can become what you have called them to become.

That process is spelled T-I-M-E.

NUMA, thank you for letting me do this well, this summer. I'll see you Sunday. Matthew 8 will be our focus.

Love, JP

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