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Welcome to the NUMA Church podcast, where we're all about serious discipleship and embracing the essence of Acts 2:42-47. Join us as we dive deep into the life-changing teachings of Jesus Christ, his boundless love, and timeless truths. Through sharing our stories, perspectives, and experiences, this podcast brings our community closer together, forging connections that go beyond boundaries.

The Hosts
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Stephanie Tran-Kim

Co-host / Sound Producer


An Dao



John Park


Listen to the Latest Episodes
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Episode 1 | Joana and Young Go to Washington

June 20, 2023

Joana and Young, pastors of NUMA church and community organizing committee members, were invited by OCCCO (Orange County Congregation Community) to Washington D.C. as part of the bridging steps to community organizing. Tune in as they share their profound experiences and invaluable insights from their trip. (Please note: The D.C. trip took place on April 29, 2023. This episode was recorded on May 11, 2023).

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Episode 2 | Stories #1: Faithful Translation

July 7, 2023

Join hosts An, John, and Stephanie in this episode as they shine a spotlight on Stephanie's story of her family friend, Tracey. Stephanie shares of Tracey's discovery of Psalm 23 and how it leads to a conversation and reflection of God's ever-active and steadfast work. (Please note: "Tracey" is pseudonym.)

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Episode 3 | Messy Faith #1

August 18, 2023

What is it like to be a Christian in 2023? Join John and Stephanie as they delve into the concept of a "messy faith," unraveling its complexities. Embark on a journey through the engaging mini-series, where they candidly share their perspectives, narratives and engage in discussion about the contemporary Christian experience.

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Episode 4 | Stories #2: Dark Times

September 12, 2023

Join us on a journey through loss and grief as An shares one of his darkest season. In this episode, An, John, and Stephanie offer a raw and honest conversation about finding hope amidst pain.

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