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Hebrews Week 2 | Moses & the Promised Land

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Hebrews 3-4 continues the theme of exalting Jesus. This time, the author compares him to one of the most significant prophets in Israel's history: Moses. A few key insights to consider throughout your readings this week. The author quotes Psalms 95 in Hebrews 3:7-11 and spends the rest of the chapter until the end of Chapter 4 as a response to this passage. In other words, it is comparable to a sermon. This is important because the author demonstrates that God's word is active and living (4:12). A key message from Ch. 3 serves the overall message the author means to convey. By exalting Jesus as above the prophets, how much higher must the stakes be to follow Jesus vs. a prophet? Remember that many were turning away from the faith at this time. It was important for the author to explain why people needed to maintain their faith in Jesus. In Ch. 4, the author compares the Israelite journey in the wilderness (Exodus 15-18) to our journey towards finding rest in God. The difference between the Israelite people in the wilderness and us is Jesus—the author and perfector of our faith who leads us to rest.


  1. Identify verbs from Hebrews 3 - 4:13 (example: hear, do not harden, etc.) They serve as a roadmap in how we can respond in faith. Choose one and practice it this week.

  2. In Hebrews 4:11 the author writes, “let us therefore make every effort to enter that rest, so that no one may fall through such disobedience as theirs.” What is the role of faith in rest? How can we rely on Jesus to bring us into this rest?

  3. Many times the living and active “Word of God” is interpreted as the “written” word of God, the bible, but the note on 4:12 says it is the “living voice of God in the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Do these two interpretations contradict or complement each other? Could this verse be interpreted another way? What difference should the view that the word of God is living and active make in our relationship with God? - from the Renovare Bible

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