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Hebrews | Week 6

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Hebrews 11 demonstrates the ongoing lineage of people of faith who acted on what God had called out of them because of their trust in Him and their reverberating effect on others. Faith is remaining grounded in God and acting on what is unseen, and bringing it into reality. Abram, Sarai, Enoch, Isaac, Moses, and Joseph (to name a few). None of them saw the full fruition of what God had promised in their lifetime. In fact, many witnessed the destruction of their communities and faced utter devastation and loss of their homeland. Even in the chaos and the darkest periods of their history, they relied on a God who would continue the work of redemption in the coming generations. We now benefit from their faith and are being woven into the fabric of God's continued legacy.

  1. Sit with this question and consider: what part of your life remains unseen, and how can you take the active step to bring it into reality? This can also serve as a physical representation and a reminder of what is to come.

  2. Hebrews shows us how acting on faith gives evidence of what is unseen. Name how those who lived by faith gave evidence to the invisible things. What are some invisible, Christ-like, kingdom valued qualities you embody and that you bring into your spaces? How is this a representation of faith?

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