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Memorizing Psalm 145

Updated: Feb 17

Welcome to 2024! Numa will continue to memorize the Bible this year and Edberg has chosen the next chapter - Psalm 145! In the Jewish tradition, Psalm 145 is one of the most loved and significant chapter in Psalms. "Psalm 145 is the only psalm to bear the title tehillah (literally "praise") from which the entire book of Psalms takes its Hebrew name, Tehillim." The Talmud states that the "one who recites this psalm three times a day is assured of a place in the World to Come." It is also rather interesting because it is an alphabetical acrostic using 21 of the 22 Hebrew letters (missing one letter).

We will memorize 2 verses of the chapter every week.

As we did with Psalm 23, we will teach the verses on Sunday and then a video will be posted to aid you in the memorization that week.

If you would like to join the group memorizing this chapter, please speak to Pastor Hannah!

Jan 14 | Psalm 145:1-2 (available)

Jan 21 | Psalm 145:3-4 (available)

Jan 28 | Psalm 145:5-6 (available)

Feb 4 | Psalm 145:7-8 (available)

Feb 11 | Psalm 145:9-10 (available)

Feb 18 | Psalm 145:11-12 (available)

Feb 25 | Psalm 145: 13-14

Mar 3 | Psalm 145:15-16

Mar 10 | Psalm 145:17-18

Mar 17 | Psalm 145:19-20

Mar 24 | Psalm 145:21

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