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The Disruptors

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

MLK Jr., Angela Davis, John Lewis, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X. What do all of these leaders have in common? Every single one of them was arrested and rejected during their time as they pushed equality forward on behalf of their people. They not only questioned the systems that were in place, but they purposefully disrupted them to show that we often have to step outside of what we know to envision one that’s better. We now look at these people and have great admiration and respect for what was sacrificed but that was not always the case.

Fast forward to 2021 and we are faced with The BLM movement also known as “Black Identity Extremists” in accordance to the FBI. What is it about these people and these movements that are so threatening to those in power? We’ve seen the photos of the peaceful BLM protest that happened back in June 2020 - with national guards on the footsteps of the Capitol armed and ready. January 2021 we see white nationalists storm the Capitol building with no national armed guards in sight. The disparity is glaring but one thing is clear: it is crucial for us to be able to identify who was first responsible for creating the division and to recognize that the disruptors are the ones calling it to light.

"Deafening silence from evangelical brothers, unashamed of the cross but ashamed to talk about race? Y’all make us look ridiculous, ineffective, insipid, irrelevant and overall a mockery to the marketplace of thought. Yes, I’m coming hard, our witness is in jeopardy. Where’s your heart when jogging could be the death of me? Some of y’all afraid that speaking up would cause a riot. You need to be concerned with who left the faith from your silence. Shots Fired."

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