White Christianity & It's Ties to Racism

Updated: Feb 17

American Christianity is steeped in the original hypocrisy of slavery. Slave owners would often use Scriptural passages as a way to keep their slaves oppressed and obedient. Slave ships kidnapping African American men, women, and children from their homes were named after people from the Bible. Segregated churches, beatings, enslavements were all done in the name of God’s work. Fast forward to 2021: The Storming of Capitol Hill. White Americans waving Christians flags and signs that say "Jesus Saves."

So how is it that Black Americans still adopted & held onto a faith that is steeped in hypocrisy? What was it about the message of Jesus that they were able to hold onto in the face of consistent injustice? What is the church’s role and responsibility in our current generation to confront the role of Christianity & White Supremacy in America? This week we have curated a list of resources to help answer these questions.

READ | Why the Enslaved Adopted the Religion of Their Masters - and Transformed It

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